What’s treatment wetland

nature_wetlandThrough a treatment wetland system it is possible to treat almost every kind of wastewater: human, industrial, rainfall runoff, etc. This “natural technology” consists in making wastewater passing through a reproduced natural wetlands, where it will be purify. Coming out from the system, the water will be clear enough to be reused in secondary uses, like WC flushing, irrigation, car washing, etc. The purifying action is put to use by the symbiotic action of roots and bacteria, which find in the root a good habitat where to live.

Furthermore, the installation of a treatment wetland system mans the creation of a new kind of ecosystem in our area, which means a biodiversity increase. Indeed, a wetland system is a characteristic habitat which can host new species, that wouldn’t be there without it (f.e. frogs, water snakes, birds,…).

All of this you can obtain with a null or very small energy request, especially if you can design the treatment wetland system so that water can move by gravity. Compared with a conventional treatment system, constructed wetlands reduce and eliminate managing costs, CO2 emissions, energy requests, raw material end chemical products.