What we do

We offer consulting, design and implementation of:

  • phytopurification plants, horizontal, vertical, free flow and hybrid systems;
  • biopools and biolagos;
  • rainwater recovery systems;
  • compost toilets;
  • integrated design of the water cycle.

We realize plants of any size for public or private entities, single houses, hotels, farm holidays, companies, campsites, etc..

By contacting us, it is possible to request an estimate by e-mail free of charge.

For a more detailed quote, however, an on-site inspection will be necessary, in order to be able to think on one or more solutions that best fit the specific context.

Rigenera offers to design, manufacture and maintain the system for its entire useful life, guaranteeing treatments and quality of the outgoing wastewater in compliance with current standards. In addition, the plant will undergo a monitoring and maintenance programme during the start-up and operational phases.

Our offer tries to meet the needs and above all the possibilities of the clients, offering economic solutions for those who want a natural swimming pool or a constructed wetland treatment system but do not have enormous capital to invest.


If you decide to build a constructed wetland treatment system or a natural swimming pool with us, we have the possibility to organize an open course in your place. For us, the aspect of sharing and spreading knowledge is fundamental and we are passionate about it. The theoretical-practical courses are a very important meeting and exchange place; from every experience new relationships and collaborations are born. We are not interested in keeping our knowledge for us, but we aim to strengthen ourselves by networking, creating widespread knowledge and awareness.